About Our Clinic

Our office is more than super dentistry – our office is all about you!! Caring for our patients with an elegant, personal approach and a gentle touch is the reason we practice dentistry. With the best machine, materials and technique it is a state of art dental clinic set up. WE ARE NOW ISO 9001: 2008 CERTIFIED CLINIC.

We offer warm friendly staff and relaxing environment. few of the services available for your comfort and convenience at our clinics are:

A wide selection of current magazines.

Aromatherapy to soothe your senses and provide a relaxing environment.

Selection of music to help you relax.

Ample and convenient street parking.

The highest industry standards of sterilization and cleaning .

Courtesy reminder call to you before and on the day of appointment.

Flexible payment plans including payment by credit/debit cards, cash or cheque and also payments in installments.

Caring with sophisticated, personalized & gentle approach is the forte of MINT LEAF DENTAL WELLNESS CENTER. We want to improve your health, give you a confident smile and create a positive and unique memory every time you are with us!!


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