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We live in an ever-changing world, where the only constant is change. We like it or not but change is inevitable. In this fast paced world the change that we witnessed is the advancements at all levels. Whether it is technology or human resource, every thing and every job has become very specific.

The more we got into certain job the more efficiency it needs which further needs a larger and more equipped work force.

So, we can say that the era of SPECIALISATION HAS BEGUN. Like some 25 years back a single doctor (MBBS) would check all patients and give medications as well!! But as different kinds of diseases surfaced, specialist doctors were in demand because general people have understood that each part of body works differently and there is a doctor for all of them who just treats that part and the treatment given by that specialist doctor will be specific, correct and advanced.

Same goes for dentistry. Few years back even dentistry was considered a specialized branch but not anymore. Dental surgery further has nine different specialties to deal with many different diseases in different parts of oral cavity.

Presently the market practice goes like

one mouth—one dentist—choose one —get treatment

What if I tell you a different equation

one mouth—two jaws—32 teeth—9 specialities—right diagnosis—specialist treatment.

Yes after working more than 12 years in India’s best government dental institutions when I happened to visit private dental sector, I found that the connect of dentistry with specialization was completely missing.

People were unaware of any such thing. Any person would never visit  an orthopedician for a cardiac surgery but would happily get a Root Canal Treatment(RCT) done by a braces specialist (ORTHODONTIST) or tooth extraction by a RCT Specialist (ENDODONTIST).

Actually, when it comes to teeth we do not mind taking chances because there are 32. But let me tell you that each one has its own purpose and we cannot emphasize enough on the importance of teeth and oral health.

After BDS (equivalent to MBBS IN MEDICAL) MDS (equivalent to MD) can be done only in one of the nine specialties and that dentist is allowed to practice extensively only that. Any MDS dentist  is a specialist for one field only. They can diagnose the problem but treatment out of their specialization is not their forte. If any doctor(medical or dental) works out of their specialization it would be a hit and trial method and can lead to long & painful treatment or even failed treatment.

Any doctor who does masters for 3 years in a particular field and has exclusively practiced this field since many years knows the best about his/her field and he/she can do the justice while treating a disease particularly related to their field only. This way the treatment rendered will be painless, correct and quick as well.

Just to explain you in simple terms if a patient visits a dental clinic with tooth pain and he has been diagnosed by the attending doctor that he needs a couple of extractions and RCTs. On this patient extraction should be done by a maxillofacial surgeon, RCT should be done by an endodontist and crowns or caps after RCT should be given by a prosthodontist. Only a certified implantologist can put implants after the extraction.This would mean many doctors working on your teeth according to your dental needs.

 As a patient, we do not mind visiting many different medical specialists in a hospital for ENT, EYE OR GYANECOLOGICAL issue. Same way we should not mind, rather demand the treatment by dental specialists only and should respect all institutions who are providing you that comfort and facility.

 After such evolution if we would still want to light a fire by hitting rocks rather than using a lighter which might cost you a few bucks more than a rock but will make your life very easy, comfortable and secure.

 Decision is yours, health is and should be the priority. The specialized dental or medical services may cost you a bit but this expenditure would be far less than the loss you could bear due to treatment by the wrong doctor.



until next time

Dr. V. Thakran


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